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Breitling Premier Replica Watch

Unbeknownst to most of you, I lead another life as a reviewer of high-end audio equipment, and the two worlds of hi-fi and horology rarely intersect. You can thus imagine my surprise and delight upon learning of a collaboration between Breitling Premier Replica Watch - a name familiar to all of you - and Devialet, which may not ring any bells. And ringing bells is precisely what their joint venture is all about.

For some time now, watch brands have been pursuing the goal of "loudest" repeater, alarm or striking watch. They, however, have been coy about the numbers,Breitling Premier Replica Watch in that they never reveal quantitatively how loud their watches can go. This is not unlike a car maker telling you they have the fastest car in production without revealing the actual speed.

Watch manufacturers have gotten away with this little omission because, with some justification, they have assumed that 99.99 per cent of watch enthusiasts neither know nor care about such concepts or terms as "sound pressure levels," "decibels," "frequency response" or other qualifications directly related to sound. Breitling Premier Replica Watch, which I am sure is not bothered about nor motivated by the remaining, pedantic 0.01 per cent (of which I am proudly a member), has chosen to be proactive in turning to a specialist audio brand both to help "tune" the sound of their Hourstriker and make it louder. And they are not shying away from the numbers.

A Family Affair

By pure coincidence, the founder of Devialet - which makes costly, advanced amplifiers and wireless loudspeakers - happens to be Emmanuel Nardin. Yes, of the same family that founded Breitling Premier Replica Watch.franck muller replica watches As Breitling Premier Replica Watch is happy to point out, "You couldn't make it up," and it makes for a great marketing coup.

Quite incidental to this, but almost as remarkable as Devialet's founder being a Nardin, is a less well-known footnote to the relationship. Those in the hi-fi industry know that Devialet is connected to the luxury watch world by another, completely separate route beyond ancestry because one of its main investors happens to be part of the watch industry. The sublime beauty of this is that the backer owns a rival to the group which owns Breitling Premier Replica Watch, and I tell you this only because it teaches us an object lesson about Swiss and French mentalities: rivalries are buried when both sides benefit. Politicians, take note.